A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Navigate caves in your space ship to make deliveries ...space deliveries

Featuring 2D art from Lando of Decadence Comics

  • Three (3!!!) different levels
  • physics
  • explosions
  • Keith, the reptile
  • Ed, the brain thing
  • Remote Opposition Disassembly Device
  • SVG level format editable in Inkscape

Hints and tips:

Use quick light controls, particularly the turn controls which are affected by inertia so be prepared to counter any rotation you start, you should generally keep the rocket pointing upwards until you get more proficient at flying!

Packages, when attached to your ship, will not hurt you on collision (might change later!) and are not hurt by impacts with the environment so feel free to stop any uncontrollable windmilling or swinging by slamming it into a wall, floor or ceiling, I believe a similar procedure is adopted by contemporary delivery men today!


Thrust with the up arrow cursor key
Turn the ship with left and right cursor keys
Trigger the tether with left alt
Fire with space
F1 to show Box2d debug overlay

Complete JAM version!

The culmination of a month of off and on (mostly off) work and then a week of extreme grind!

What's missing

  • Lando made some awesome alien comms chatter sounds that I didn't have time to add
  • A start screen
  • any sort of menu
  • a lot of levels and story progression
  • WebGL version - I used some functions the GWT didn't like :(
  • Possible android version, (with on screen controls ..yuck)
  • better targeting gun-bots

Known issues

  • Occasionally radio chatter pics don't appear, restarting the game fixes that
  • dialogue text content is clipped either side in some screen configurations, full screen mostly, (any suggestions?)

Look for some updates later in the week adding more stuff!

Apologies for the screenshots, it looks better in action! will add more tomorrow with a devlog.

Source code is here:


I wrote a postmortem of the game.


19-01-2016 - added the sounds Lando created for the alien dialogue

Super Massive Thanks

To LibGDX for all the excellent work they put into the best middleware ever!

Other Assets used

Big thanks to these guys for their open source sounds / textures / fonts


Michael Kurinnoy


Matt McInerey

Install instructions

The JAR file requires a JVM, tested on Mac IOS10 and PC Windows 7.


SpaceCourierRC1.jar Jam version 15 MB
SpaceCourierRC2.jar Fix release 16 MB

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